A male public toilet on a remote beach: leaning against the wall is a gorgeous young man, who looks like a cowboy in an old cigarette ad. An Asian man appears. He’s doing the beat. He sees CowBoy, and smiles a shy smile – that man is way beyond his reach – but wait, he’s waiving him inside, he’s going in. Asian Man follows him inside, and is now standing at the urinal, trying to peek at his fantasy-man’s thingy, slowly moving towards him, extending an arm – is it his lucky night, or what?
Just when he’s about to touch, though, CowBoy grabs his wrist, and flashes a police badge – Asian Man jumps back. He’s trying to flee, but finds himself pushed into the change room, and then dancing a strange tango with CowBoy, getting closer and closer, more and more entangled in each other’s arms, and legs, and bodies. Until they both fall to the floor, Asian Man on top.