Monday 22 February 2010

shooting on location

Joy and I decided to go on location early the other morning to finish work on the photo storyboard, and explore a few camera angles. We met at the corner of Swanston and Collins, opposite Westpac, and jumped on the 109. It was about 8h30, we thought we'd have the location to ourselves. We did, for about half an hour. Then people started coming.

First it was a man in his thirties, who came in as we were measuring the space. Joy went out, I went out, then I thought I could go on measuring. The man was undressing, then he started having a shower. We started chatting – 'so you’re shooting a film? And what’s the film about?' When I said ‘it's a gay film’, I could sense, instantly, that the naked man in the shower tensed, a little bit. It was comic actually. But I thought, it was not the most diplomatic way of presenting it  – from then on, I shall describe Honey-pot as 'a comedy'.

The man dried himself, got dressed and left. A few older blokes had been using the urinal in the meantime, but eventually, Joy could come back in. Untill a flock of children arrived. Having lived in Australia for more than a year, I know how peadophilia is THE major evil, and, a funny side effect, I was instantly terrified I could get into some sort of trouble, so Joy and I grabbed our bags and headed right at the exit: I mean, some of these kids were so quick, they started undressing while walking in, to change into their surfing outfits!

I had read the situation well, though. Lateron, as Joy and I were chatting outside the toilet while some guy was having a shower or something, the surf instructor approached us: ‘excuse me, you’re aware that you’re not allowed to film the children, are you?’ We nodded apologies and reassurance – yes yes, children, forbidden, we know, not interested. I didn't say 'gay movie' this time.